Sunday, December 10, 2006

Step One and Two complete

I had just recently come home from a 16 month deployment to Iraq. I found absolutely NO pennies there because they don't actually use coin money. They use these little cardboard 'coins' that they call pogs for money. Since I felt it would not be the same, I had decided that I would have to wait until my return to the states.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten that I had even started this project until I found my first penny.

Since my return, I had been through quite a bit. Welcome home, you're getting a divorce. In this case, good riddance anyway. Because of that entire thing, I ended up staying in a hotel room for a week or more. I was traveling through the lobby when I looked down and suddenly there it was! A beautiful 1991 Lincoln Penny calling out to me. I was with a friend and he ran into my back because I had stopped so suddenly. I stood there for a moment, looking at this penny and remembering about this project, and pocketed the coin. Originally my plan was to post right away, but I had things to accomplish, so I spaced that I had it. I then had gone out with a few of my war hero peers and again, found a 2000 penny. Again I pocketed the coin and waited since I was not near a computer to post. Then just today I was walking through the same hotel lobby and found a 2005 penny. Third time is a charm, so I decided that I am well on my way for this project and still have all three pennies in my possession. I had just realized that I had already accomplished two steps, and that I am half way to completion of the third step. All I need now is a single penny!

Welcome home soldier! You're on your way to a million dollars!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beginning Step One

In addition to my previous myspace post, I would like to add a few more things.

One: My testimony (this blog) will be completely independant of anything else that I do in my life. The intention of this experiement is to have you think and act for yourself.

I used to be a follower. As such, I am good at it. Which includes, but is NOT limited to, copycating material. Thus, as you can see Xinfinitum (if you read his blogs) has an incredible array of blogging material that he's created.

I believe I am trying to convince myself, as much as I am trying to convince you, that I will take only take the basic idea, and run with it. I will not copy anything unless I have come to the realization on my OWN that it is a good idea for ME, and will help to accomplish my mission of including you all in my journey. Hense, this blog.

Two: I have started this experiement as of now. I am officially on Step One, and I am looking to find my first penny.

I would like to re-emphisize that fact. I am currently looking to find my first penny. Not looking to double my penny, because that's Step Two. I'm not looking for 1.51 because that is a few steps down the road.

Lastly, I am highly excited! Xinfinitum has seriously inspired the very depth of my soul, and this experience will, more than likely, be the most worth while thing I will have accomplished in my life. Not to mention the money to top it all off with.

*DING* For those of you, who are like me, and are searching for what you should do with your life, what you should be and where you should go... consider this:

It is not what you do in your life, it is how you LIVE it!

Take the challenge! If you need support, contact me. I am here for any of you. We will support each other and we will make this experience last a lifetime!

*MySpace Blog Entry*

Greetings everyone!

I have just finished reading a blog that someone I admire has been writing. Basically it is his journey, based on a *free* report that Stuart Goldsmith, Hanman Associates Ltd had written.

Normally I would never seek to copycat something that someone has put so much effort into creating, however I do not see this as a copy, but more as an addition of my own personal journey.

The essence of this journey is "How to Double Your Way to One £Million in 28 Steps" as written by the said author above.

*NOTE* You can find this free report by clicking the following link:
How to Double Your Way to One Million in 28 steps - Stuart Goldsmith
[PDF format]

The Objective: To double your money to a million in 28 easy steps starting with absolutly zero.

The Prize: There are more, but the two major ones are as follows:
1.) $1,000,000.00 Dollars!
2.) (MOST IMPORTANT) A vault of incredible expierences and knowlege. Lessons learned, and a story to tell your Grandchildren!

The Rules: These must be followed EXACTLY! You can find a complete set of all 13 rules in the free-report from the link above.

If you find this interesting to you, and you want to learn more, I encourage you to JOIN me in this quest.

My suggestions for starters:
1.) Download the PDF file of the free-report. Read everything that's written, including the RULES, very carefully and determine if this is something you wish to undertake.

2.) Visit this website:
This site was written by Xinfinitum on his past, up to current, course of events on his personal journey. He is on step 15.

3.) Visit this website:
This site was written by me and will be my testimony as I travel my personal quest and adventure. I am starting this journey as of now.

4.) Make your choice. If you decide to do it, then stick with it. Don't falter, and don't let temptation miss-guide you. If you are interested, send me a message and I would be happy to discuss things with you.

In conclusion: This is meant to be more than simply earning yourself a million dollars. The idea is that you are on this path, this adventure that is LIFE. It will help you descover things about yourself that you've never known, or even thought about. It will help bring your gifts and talents to the forefront.

This journey is not for the end result, it is for the road traveled, and the friends and experiences you find on the way.